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A New New Product Release Tactic Pays Off Big

Let me set the scene: It's fall. Every archery manufacturer releases a new flagship bow. A slew of full page ads get run slinging phrases like "revolutionary, game changing & 80% more accurate". Online endemic publications write 500 word reviews, which are basically rehashed articles from the past 4 years. Same old situation. No wonder the industry is in decline.

Rather than get back on the fucking "new product tilt-a-whirl" to waste some more head earned cash hoping for a few thousand page views and an increased time-on-site metric, our clients invested in experiences that gathered contextualized contact data so they could tell the story of the bow over time... extending their impact into the actual buying season, when it matters most.

Follow along, we're going to move quickly:

Instead of soliciting editors to review the bow on their sites we built 2 unique quiz style experiences and leased space on endemic publishers to engage and collect data from their audience. No longer were page views the metric for success, it was declared data from the entrants that transferred a page view into an actual person. That had far more value than any analytics report. Ever.

By allowing visitors to answer some fun questions about broad heads and where to arrow an elk, we entertained, engaged and informed our audience while converting them to declared opt ins for our client's brand. More than 20,000 people took the quizzes, providing context with their emails. Not only did we know their names, their postal codes & mobile phone numbers (well only 71% volunteered a mobile number) but we could bin them into up to a dozen different personas based on their quiz answers. We knew who were expert hunters, who knew broad head technology inside and out as well as the newbies and technically challenged.

So what then?

We told the story of the bow over 10 months, engaging with personalized emails loaded with content related to their persona, text alerts when their local dealers had bows on the wall and even loaded that data into our ad campaigns to optimize our paid media plans all year long. The right people saw the right ads at the right time. Coupled with our email & sms efforts we watched email addresses that we first identified in our quiz hit our bow registration forms. Boom ROI.

Measurable, scaleable and most impressively all delivered under budget. To top it off the bow won Field & Stream and Outdoor Life Magazine top accolades for the bow category that year.

Where are you in your new product planning phase? Are you where you want to be? Give us a shout and learn how we broke their website and had bows flying off the shelves in some dealerships for their 2018 flagship release.

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