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Does Engagement Lead To Sales? You Betcha.

The digital marketing landscape is a sea of confusion. Does anyone really know which platform or channel or ad or investment actually works? As in, delivers real revenue and brand loyalty? Now these Audience Sherpa assholes say I need an 'audience strategy' too? What the F......!

Relax. Follow the data and the answer is clear. First, let's toss out some figures that aren't made up and proven by some really big entities, like Forrester:

  • A banner ad averages a .35% click through rate. Yes, 1/3rd of 1%.

  • 50% of adults avoid ads on websites. Do you use them for your own shopping needs?

  • 1/3 of adult internet users have ad blocking software. Are your ads even being seen?

  • 59% (US Adults) like getting offers and services that are reserved for an exclusive set of customers. Are you inviting consumers into an exclusive conversation?

  • 93% of CMO's say they need to deliver a measurable ROI. (Buy a billion banner ads?)

We are not suggesting that advertising will cease, but like Forrester, we believe that it has and will continue to change. Rapidly. In fact, Forrester's report titled The End Of Advertising As We Know It dated May 2017 they write:

Focus on experience-driven relationships. We’ve made this prediction before and stand by it: Digital makes building experience-rich relationships with customers necessary, even if the agent technology doesn’t yet exist to turn those experiences into branded conversations. These experiences go beyond providing mere product information to supporting your customers’ lifestyle ambitions. Not every product can do this, and not every brand will have permission, but those that can and do, must.

In our world client Bowtech deployed multiple digital experiences across many channels including social, paid media and their own websites. By inviting consumers to interact with them via polls, quizzes and UGC submissions they were able to trace the day and time an individual started to communicate with the brand. Many users were new to the brand but existing loyalists were also identified as interacting in the experiences. As consumer data was collected, segmented and loaded to ad platforms for remarketing campaigns it became clear that users were not only engaging in entertaining experiences but they were buying. Product registration data highlighted trends in geographies, product types and ultimately painted a picture of who, what and where the efforts were working. The data told the story, which continues today.

Can you track an ad click to a sale right now? Can you identify the opportunities between click and purchase to help shepherd them to conversion? Do you know how and why they even started talking to you? Were you even listening?

Heartland Bowhunter TV, one of Bowtech's partner ambassadors, promotes a sweepstakes hunt. Their continued social push not only gathers likes but drives real data. Tens of thousands of entrants provide deep context and insight as they enter to win:

Visit the engagement here:

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