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Sweepstakes, The Ultimate Trojan Horse

Sweepstakes are one of the most powerful ways to start a relationship with consumers that aren't yet your customers. When a brand offers something of real value to an audience there is an enormous opportunity to start communicating directly between both parties. Most brands use fleeting sweeps as a way to gain likes, or shares on social. I have yet to meet an accountant that can put a real value on those tactics. Instead, the real value is in collecting first party data. You ask for names and email addresses, right? Yes, but if that's the only goal you're missing the boat, big time.

Bowtech has created over 150 sweepstakes in less than 2 years. They span national campaigns with all-expense paid fly away hunts down to a local one day dealership tent sale giving away a bow. Regardless, the tactics used to execute these sweeps is where the real value lies. Instead of simple entry forms users might be asked 4 questions about their archery behavior, or which bow they currently shoot. Tying contextualized data to an actual person has proven invaluable to the brand. Know WHO entered is great but adding context has allowed them to deliver back emails, text messages and even targeted ads with hyper-personalized content that has proven to convert customers that, when entered, owned a competing product.

Audience Sherpa delivers turnkey solutions to create, publish and monitor sweepstakes but goes beyond the data to implement reach back strategies including audience segmentation, data organization and even reach back and advertising to close the loop. Tracking a consumers' first touch with a brand through a sweepstakes is very rewarding when you see them in your product registration database after the fact. It's even more satisfying when they originally told you they were a customer of your biggest competitor. Converting from sweepstakes entry to confirmed sale is powerful but knowing you moved them from Brand X to your brand is everything.

Are your ad dollars really working for you? Find out how a simple sweepstakes can connect you to new customers and let's build a journey for them that leads to purchase. Then we'll tackle customer retention :)

Check out the user experience for yourself here:

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