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The Ultimate In Dealer Support

If your revenue comes from someone else's cash register being rung, you better have a damn good marketing plan with hyper-local execution... or a giant pile of money. Are your print ads and TV spots driving sales at Skip's Widget Store in Kalamazoo, MI? Of course you don't know... you may have answered YES out loud, but deep down you have no clue. Well Skip probably has an opinion on whether that crap is helping him. Good thing he can't vote for where your brand spends, right?

I'll make some other assumptions (specific to my outdoor industry readers):

  • Your marketing budget just got slashed, and next year looks even worse.

  • You have no idea what ads and digital efforts actually work efficiently.

  • You don't have a scalable solution to drive foot traffic in any given city.

  • This cycle is an F'ing nightmare and you need a solution, now!

Good news... there IS a solution. Having the right data allows you to shotgun blast when needed or strike surgically. In fact, many times you can local drive sales with a little elbow grease without having to reach into your wallet. Collecting the right data from consumers allows you to activate at scale, for the little guy as well as the big box.

Through persistent use of digital experiences you can collect consumer contact data, amass a contextualized database and even obtain the privilege to communicate directly with your audience. Emails are great. 98% are delivered. If you have some behavioral data you can even get better open rates on them through personalization. (75% better open rates!) SMS is another powerful way to let someone know their local dealer has 5 new units waiting for them at Skip's Widget Store. Did you know that 99% of text messages are read and 95% are opened in less than 3 minutes? It's the most common form of digital communication for smartphone users... are you using SMS? Your customers are.

Back to Skip... When he placed that order for 20 new units did you tell him you identified a few thousand consumers in your database within 100 miles of his shop? Did you promise to send an email or SMS offer to them to move those units? Do you know how many of those consumers own a competing product allowing you to strike with devastating accuracy positioning yours against their flaws?

Audience Sherpa helps you collect, segment, manage and empower your audience through content development and laser guided email/sms/ad targeting that works. Let us show you how it works. Let's keep Skip in business, because that's how you stay in business.

Bowtech uses data to deliver hundreds of customized email campaigns for its dealer network. Over 100 data points allow those emails to be personalized down to the individual level. This isn't big data with big price tags. It's scalable, measurable engagement that moves your business where you want it to be.

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