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Local Dealer Support Customized To Drive Sales

Supporting local dealers is crucial to some brands. They may have thousands of independent shops moving their products but each of them needs a unique solution. Mass promotions aren't always easy to execute; shops have different POS systems, different credit terms, and a variety of unique specs to handle. Audience Sherpa has developed innovative solutions using fairly ubiquitous technology that any dealer, brand or customer can use to communicate and transact.

Bowtech wanted to support a great dealership in Missouri, Rogers Sporting Goods. Rogers holds a summer sales event that last for 2 weeks store wide. Archery is important to the store, but not a marquee focus for the event. If Bowtech wanted to stand out and drive sales during this massive foot traffic event it needed to step up and deliver a promotion of their own that would be easy on the dealership to activate.

Bowtech knows that some customers need time and planning to make a bow purchase. Even though the sales event was 2 weeks long some customers would need more time to make financial arrangements to convert to a sale. Bowtech set up a simple $50 promotion; buy a bow during the 2 weeks of the sale you instantly get $50 off. This was a unique offer and supported the Rogers event.

To capitalize on the massive foot traffic, and knowing that many would not be able to actually purchase within two weeks, Bowtech offered a '2 week extension'. To do so a customer could text a keyword on their mobile phone during the sales period to secure a 2 week extension.

Once texted, the customer would receive a link to a simple landing page where they entered their basic info (name, email, postal, mobile) and were issued a unique coupon code. That code could be used at the register within the 2 week extension period for the $50 discount.

This might seem difficult to pull off with an independent dealer but our service and technology made it simple for all parties to execute. Even if a customer didn't convert to a sale during the promotion Bowtech now has sales leads. They have a database of people they know shop at Rogers and can communicate as needed moving forward. Bowtech even sends non-sales related materials to these customers on behalf of Rogers to alert them to activities, events and other outings.

Talk to us and learn how we've executed unique campaigns for single locations through global activations. Our technology and services can scale to drive revenue.

Experience the consumer's landing page functionality. Some actions may be paused due to the timeframe of this promotion:

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