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100k+ Sweeps Entries Powers Largest Bow Launch To Date

If you launch products and support dealer channels you're always looking for new, better and more efficient ways to spread the word, drive traffic and ultimately increase sales. If you invest in an audience development strategy you're investing in the future. You are diversifying while differentiating. Whether you use the same exact marketing tools and channels as your competitors or have added new, unique direct to consumer paths, your data will inform and elevate your success.


In preparation for a new flagship product launch in November 2018 our client wanted to amass tens of thousands of new prospects. Come launch they wanted to be able to reach more consumers than ever before while lowering traditional paid media budgets and adding new personalization capabilities to their email channel.

Acquiring contacts was a KPI but more importantly they needed geolocation along with brand and product preference information on every single person. That was the core strategy to their long term effectiveness to move the right product to the right person in the right dealership, anywhere in North America.


Understanding 95% of their consumers shared the desire for a trophy hunt was key. To entice as many entrants as possible, and playing on target consumers' passions, Audience Sherpa developed 2 sweepstakes giving away trophy hunt packages; an elk hunt in Colorado and trophy deer in Illinois. Both totaled $11k in combined expenses to fulfill. $10k in paid media was placed for 6 weeks driving direct clicks to the entry form. 2,000 posters were hung in key dealerships using a single SMS keyword for entry form delivery. Brand ambassadors promoted on social and at appearances with clickable links and SMS keywords.