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100k+ Sweeps Entries Powers Largest Bow Launch To Date

If you launch products and support dealer channels you're always looking for new, better and more efficient ways to spread the word, drive traffic and ultimately increase sales. If you invest in an audience development strategy you're investing in the future. You are diversifying while differentiating. Whether you use the same exact marketing tools and channels as your competitors or have added new, unique direct to consumer paths, your data will inform and elevate your success.


In preparation for a new flagship product launch in November 2018 our client wanted to amass tens of thousands of new prospects. Come launch they wanted to be able to reach more consumers than ever before while lowering traditional paid media budgets and adding new personalization capabilities to their email channel.

Acquiring contacts was a KPI but more importantly they needed geolocation along with brand and product preference information on every single person. That was the core strategy to their long term effectiveness to move the right product to the right person in the right dealership, anywhere in North America.



Understanding 95% of their consumers shared the desire for a trophy hunt was key. To entice as many entrants as possible, and playing on target consumers' passions, Audience Sherpa developed 2 sweepstakes giving away trophy hunt packages; an elk hunt in Colorado and trophy deer in Illinois. Both totaled $11k in combined expenses to fulfill. $10k in paid media was placed for 6 weeks driving direct clicks to the entry form. 2,000 posters were hung in key dealerships using a single SMS keyword for entry form delivery. Brand ambassadors promoted on social and at appearances with clickable links and SMS keywords.

Each eligible entrant was required to answer a set of questions & personal identifiable data including:

  • Their self-professed hunt level (Beginner, Intermediate, Expert)

  • The distance they could comfortably launch an arrow at an animal

  • Which brand of bow they currently owned

  • Which brand they planned to purchase next

  • Postal code

These answers would inform reach back strategies and personalize content offerings for each entrant between the summer sweepstakes and November flagship launch plans.



Many insights were gained during the sweeps entry period (June-August).

  • Over 100k entries gathered in 3 months

  • 78% provided an optional mobile number

  • 40k+ inbound SMS entries

  • 70%+ of entries did not own client's products

  • 50%+ owned top 3 competitors' brand

  • Of $10k in paid media the following insights were gained:

  • ScoutLook provided the most entries @ X base cost per lead

  • HuntStand @ 5X cost per lead

  • BowHunterPlanet @ 5.1X cost per lead

  • Facebook Video Ads @ 4.8X cost per lead

  • Outdoor Sportsman Group @ 25X cost per lead



Acquiring over 100k entrants and adding over half a million data points armed them with a renewed launch plan. Using entrants' answers allowed us to provide the following:

  • 150+ unique, geo-based email campaigns for top dealers

  • 50%+ open rates, 40% click rates avg

  • Added 50k+ new targetable people in Google AdWords Custom Audiences

  • Search, YouTube, Gmail and display ads used the entrant's brand preference in creative

  • Increased interaction rates (4.5% avg), lower cost per action (-20% avg cost)

  • 200k+ outbound SMS messages pointing consumers to their nearest dealer when bows arrived in store

  • Confirmed sales from over a dozen dealers within 2 days of geo-based SMS campaigns

  • 10k entrants planned to buy competing products within 6 months.

  • Unique discount codes offered via email, dozens redeemed at local dealer

  • Discounts varied depending on their intended brand and timeframe

  • Email and SMS campaigns launched LIVE product reveal video event

  • 39k views to invite-only launch



The data derived from these sweepstakes provides returns that keep on giving. Key dealers took note of the investment, the outbound email and sms campaigns that drove foot traffic and Bowtech's ability to differentiate and generate revenue in ways no other brand is offering today. Growing in the right dealerships is crucial to increased revenue and longevity. This is why so many top 100 archer dealers had this to say at a recent trade show:

  • "We know this worked. We sold nearly 50 bows from Bowtech's email, SMS and local ad campaigns in one year. We sold 4 Reigns the first weekend they tried it. Those sales came from new customers and included accessory and service revenue."

-Casey Smith of Straight 6 Archery

  • "Bowtech is the only company working hand in hand with the dealers."

- Don Barrett of Barrett's Bowhunting

  • "Bowtech's Marketing group drove traffic to our store and helped us attain over a 40% growth YOY."

-Bob of Chicago Archery

  • "Invaluable aid in getting information to potential customers about Bowtech products."

-Gary of Springfield Archery

  • "The marketing power Bowtech has offered their dealers is unmatched. Being able to utilize their platform to reach clientele has been amazing. When potential customers see a local dealer on a national platform directly supported by one of the industry leaders, it sends a clear message to consumers that this dealer is reputable."

-Cole of Hunter's Haven


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