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Database Investment Proves Sales & Growth In Market Share

Brands create content everyday. Text, images and video is how you tell your story. But telling the right version to the right audience can get tricky. Versioning isn't really the issue, targetability and delivery become the biggest hurdles. So how do you overcome such hurdles? Develop an audience strategy to use ubiquitous tools to convert your competition's customers into your own.


Bowtech wanted to engage with 100k+ archers that did not currently own their products. They wanted to know answers to these crucial psychographic questions for each archer:

  • Which brand did they currently own?

  • Which brand did they intend to buy next?

  • When would they buy their next bow?

  • How much would they spend on that next bow?

  • What features were paramount on their next bow purchase

  • Where did these people live?

Audience Sherpa was tasked with acquiring these leads and bringing their contextualized data points to life with an email and sms campaign to drive sales at 1,000+ local dealers. The brand created 3 simple videos speaking to each of their major competitors' customers. They de-positioned the competitors' products while showcasing the clear benefits of Bowtech's newest bow. They also used the aggregate results of a crucial poll question to reinforce their newest flagship product.



Through 2 hunt sweepstakes over 100k unique entries were gained and the psychographic data was collected at an individual level. Quick data insights:

  • Over 66% agreed 'Accuracy' was the most important feature on a bow

  • 70%+ of the entries did not own a Bowtech product

  • 50%+ owned one of their top 3 competitors' products



Activating on the overwhelming choice of 'Accuracy', the brand quickly published the results and aligned the market's voice with their patented technology delivering the most accurate bow on the planet. This was done with visual creative on their website ands social media campaigns.



Segmenting and tagging entrants by the brand they owned allowed Audience Sherpa to deliver waves of customized and personalized emails enticing consumers to see exactly how Bowtech had out-engineered their competition. These emails generated tens of thousands of views between scheduled live video Q&A sessions as well as VOD.



Backing up their market positioning with paid media and dynamic creative that was served to each segment of owners reinforced their message. Thousands of clicks delivered unique stories and cut through the feature wars frequently waged among manufacturers.



Bowtech decided to take initiative and capitalize on the data it had cultivated from the digital landscape. They assigned a marketing budget to a sales incentive program offering highly qualified leads a chance to buy their new bow with a factory rebate. This was a closed group offering based on data the entrant shared via the sweeps and/or subsequent polling. Rather than widely publicize a ubiquitous promotion Audience Sherpa assigned a unique customer code that was valid for an individualized rebate amount and delivered to each qualified consumer via email.

The rebate amounts varied depending on how much the entrant planned to spend on their next bow, when they planned to purchase and which brand they planned to purchase.

The offer could be redeemed in any North American Bowtech dealer and required no POS or software integrations. The recipients simply needed to show the dealer their unique code and purchase before the limited deadline.



At launch, the rebate program delivered dozens of sales converting former owners of competing brands into new customers for Bowtech. Dealers were easily able to help track the sales and register products. Dozens, if not hundreds of conversions are also happening month over month as we log new products in Bowtech's registration database. Automated triggers alert us to new customers that actually first entered the engagement loop with the brand by entering a sweepstakes or survey prior to purchase. Bowtech's sustained email, SMS and paid media campaigns are, without a doubt, chipping away at competitors' market share as they continue to double down on building their database.


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