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Sweeps Data Provides Laser Ad Targeting, $42k In Sales


Capitalize on psychographic data acquired via sweepstakes to propel a paid ad strategy for increased sales with a key online dealership.



Using the client's highly contextualized consumer database, Audience Sherpa identified target consumers who revealed:

  • Preferred to buy their next crossbow online

  • Planned to buy within 6 months

  • Which brands they owned and planned to purchase

Over 9,000 targeted consumers were loaded and identified by Google Audiences for remarketing ads. Marketing dollars committed to the key dealer were utilized to deliver hyper-relevant ads based on the consumers' brand preference. Clicks went to the dealer's unique landing page where they could research and purchase.



Using PPC and unique ad creative mentioning the competing brand that the targeted consumer currently owned provided a near 57% lift in interactions vs similar generic keyword campaigns. Results jumped from 3.5% avg ad interaction rate to 5.5%. A $3,500 ad budget produced over $40k in gross sales at the retailer in September 2018. That reflected a nearly 120% increase in revenue for that dealer same time YOY.

Using psychographic data and creating unique audience pools for remarketing on Google, Facebook, etc.. differentiates from your competition and gives you a competitive advantage that isn't a theory but rather a strategy that can be measured for true ROI.



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