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Touring Artist Nets 54% Of Attendees Into Database

The band GWAR may seem like a shock-rock, rag tag group of metal heads (true statement) BUT they are a 35 year, global touring force that has sold millions of records and generated millions of dollars. Make no mistake, GWAR is a successful brand that has stood the test of time. But the times have changed... and so have their business tactics.

In 2018 Audience Sherpa was engaged to build, manage and monetize GWAR's rabid fanbase. As they set out for tour we implemented an always-on audience ingest strategy that converted paying ticket goers into long term fans. The results shocked even the members of the band... which isn't easy.


Deploy a mobile-first experience that entertained tens of thousands of fans at each and every tour stop while collecting their PII as well as 5 strategic data points on an individual level. Segment, tag and bring geo location to life in a CRM to monetize the audience and bolster future tour promotions.