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Database Provides 21% Sales Conversion At Onsite Events

When you commit to building and nurturing a database you have amazing control over things that seemed impossible in the past. Driving traffic into brick and mortar has been an ever-increasingly difficult task. This story shows how one brand used personalized email and SMS invites, along with key psychographic data, to convert competitor's customers into paying customers at a Denver, CO event.


Identify consumers who owned a competitor's product and convert them through an invite-only, one-on-one test drive experience at their local dealership.


Audience Sherpa identified nearly 700 contacts in the database that met the following criteria:

  • Currently owned a competitor's product

  • Lived within 30 miles of a key dealership in Wheat Ridge, CO


An email invite was sent to nearly 700 contacts inviting them to RSVP for one-on-one, personalized product test drive a mere 10 days away. The event was a closed session on Nov 29th, 2019 between 5-8p. Respondents were able to choose which hour they wanted to reserve and answered 3 personal questions via a digital RSVP form that informed the sales staff's pitch strategy on each individual attendee. SMS alerts were used as reminders the day of the event. Key stats:

  • RSVP's for the event were limited to 32 total attendees.

  • 28 entrants showed on the day of event

  • Each provided which brand and model they owned

  • Each was given a personalized test drive


$100 in pizza and soft drinks were offered over 3 hours. All 28 attendees were informed on key product features and unique solutions relative to the product they current owned. The results:

  • 0 products sold on the event night

  • 4 attendees ordered product within 2 weeks of the event

  • 2 more ordered products within 60 days of the event

  • $800 in accessories sales were generated on the night of the event

  • In total $7,400 generated directly from the event attendees

  • Total cost for the event was $400 in discounts, food and beverage


This test event was basically a 'free' email promotion and converted 21% of the attendees into new customers resulting in $7,400 in sales. Most importantly it proved that investing in a contextualized database of consumers who own competing brands could be used in low cost ways to drive high yield returns while increasing market share.

This program is now being rolled out at scale to dozens of key dealership locations as an 'event in a box' concept through spring 2019 to capitalize on tax rebates and stimulate product turn during a typically slow sales cycle.

Learn more details on this program and how your database can provide low cost, high return events at key dealerships by requesting a call today.

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