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Brand Turns 900 Emails Into $13k Sales In 1 Day; Scales Up Program

Having contacts in your database is important but having the right data on those contacts is EVERYTHING when it comes to driving sales. Asking the right questions from your audience means you get crucial answers that can be used to drive the right offer. It's not rocket science, but very few brands apply this strategy to their marketing efforts and even less know how to translate it to sales.

An Audience Sherpa client had been amassing a database of active outdoor consumers through sweepstakes that included poll questions. They asked entrants things such as:

  • Which brand do you currently own?

  • When will you purchase a similar product?

  • Where will you make that purchase?

  • How much will you spend?

They posed these questions to current contacts in their database and used ads, influencers and social to gain new contacts. The data was mapped to a Customer Data Platform (CDP) in real-time that filtered and segmented consumers based on their answers. All of the above was automated and took Audience Sherpa less than one day to organize.


Audience Sherpa identified 4 persona groups among the entrants and crafted personalized email and SMS offers to a test group. 900 people were targeted in a beta-test. We included their name in the subject line and SMS messages. We also included some of their answers in the body of the offer to give them context as to why they were getting a customized offering. See image below

The results from our first campaign targeting 900 contacts in 1 day:

  • 75% Open Rate Average Across 6 Unique Campaign Versions

  • 12% Took A Direct Action To Engage The Offer

  • $13k Gross Sales From Engaged Consumers

  • 45% Of Sales Were To Consumers Who Owned A Competing Brand

  • 40+ Consumers Did Not Buy Immediately But Indicated They Would Soon


This test event has been rolled out 3 more times with astounding results... so good our lips are sealed on revealing the outcomes. With nearly 20k contacts having answered up to 10 critical questions they are well positioned to take this test to full scale within one month.

The client has doubled down on their consumer acquisition plans and have since also instituted additional reach back polls to their audience to get even closer to their consumers.

Learn more details on this program and how your database can provide low cost, high return events by requesting a call today.

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