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Drive Sales With Paid Media While Growing Your Database

Audience Sherpa helped Rambo Bikes move aging inventory while growing their database of prospective leads and acquiring valuable psychographic insights for future marketing optimization.

PROBLEM: Rambo had inventory on two models they needed to move. Typically they would run paid media ads clicking to a sale page and see what happened. Historically 98%+ of all paid impressions and clicks did not convert to a sale. Sure, brand impressions and a single touchpoint was gained but Rambo had no insight as to who actually engaged the ads and they had to reach back into their wallet for more paid media to re-engage that traffic again in the future. They also had no idea if the traffic was even qualified. What a nightmare of a cycle. (pun intended!)

SOLUTION: Audience Sherpa created a new lead generation funnel that drove traffic from paid media to a sweepstakes to win a free Rambo Bike. Visitors had to answer 6 simple, yet crucial questions then provide their name, email, postal and an optional mobile number. Once entered, the data triggered an automated email to every entrant that included imagery and copy relevant to their unique, individual preferences revealed in their entry poll. Within minutes the reach back email provided context that aligned the right bike model to their lifestyle and were priced at or below the entrant's budget, as selected in the poll.

RESULTS: Although we are not at liberty to disclose the actual metrics of this on-going campaign the following undeniably enhanced their traditional paid media tactics and provided this increased value:

  • Beyond clicks they also gained opt in data from targeted consumers.

  • Obtained names, emails, postal codes and high percentage of mobile numbers from paid visitors.

  • Retained same brand impression goals with the paid spend

  • The sweeps component provided higher clicks than average sale campaigns

  • Google and Facebook tags were embedded to reveal real-time views and conversions

  • Every entrant provided the following data:

  • If they currently owned an electric bike

  • Which brand they owned

  • Which feature of an electric bike interested them most

  • The primary activity where they would use an electric bike

  • Their projected budget for an electric bike

  • Which channel they would most likely purchase an electric bike

FUTURE SALES: Rambo Bikes is now uniquely positioned to nurture these entrants for future sales using this key psychographic data in both aggregate and at an individual level. They can activate some of the following tactics to drive awareness and sales from this short term paid media campaign:

  • Email offers, new product announcements and other services with personalization in the creative

  • Send email and sms alerts to individuals located within 50 miles of key dealerships taking new inventory

  • Send regional emails and sms announcements on behalf of dealer events, sales etc.

  • Offer personalized test drives at key dealers using email and sms with geo-fencing

  • Educate individuals who don't own an e-bike with videos and relevant content via email

  • ​This content can be tailored to each individual's lifestyle and preferences

  • Segment and add custom audiences to paid platforms to re-market based on the data collected:

  • ​Ads de-positioning the brands individuals currently own

  • Serve ads featuring models that align with the budgets individuals selected

  • Advertise dealerships by name to individuals using their postal codes as a filter

  • Target individuals with creative that mimics their lifestyle data such as camping or hunting or beach, etc...

  • Suggest dealers, retailers or online options based on which channel an individual prefers

SUMMARY: If your brand uses paid media to drive sales consider creating an engaging experience that enhances the consumer journey with your brand while revealing and obtaining explicit, declared data from your target audience. By injecting an educational and entertaining sweeps or poll into the flow you gain valuable insights on your audience while earning the right to communicate via email and sms for low to no cost. Unlike social algorithms that rarely deliver the impressions or actions you desire, emails and sms are 100% measurable and are controlled by you. If you are going to continue to use paid media load segmented groups of people back onto Facebook, Google, Amazon and other ad platforms to use better targeting, relevant creative and sell products that align with their needs. Collecting psychographic information and building an audience is sustainable, differentiated and 100% measurable. Start building an audience strategy... we can help.

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