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AdAge: The Death of Cookies is a Call for Real Personalization

Our founder, Tim Glomb, has a homepage article published in one of the largest marketing publishers on the globe, AdAge. This article tackles the idea that cookies are dead and advertising brands need a new path forward. That path is personalization. We know that consumers expect more personalized content, offers and access from their favorite brands. In fact 73% of global consumers think an offer based on past purchases is 'cool', but conversely just over 66% of them feel ads derived from cookie tracking are 'creepy'. Also, 50%+ of consumers are comfortable sharing their individual desires and needs to a brand in exchange for something of value. That data provided directly from consumers is called #ZeroParyData.

This article in AdAge shares how to tackle that crucial data collection with examples of global brands successfully personalizing at scale and moving their business forward.

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