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Dealer Drives $9,000 in Sales by Building a Database

Casey Smith, owner of Straight 6 Archery, was sick of declining returns from his social media efforts so he brought that audience home. We break down how we added over 1,100 contacts to his database and drove $9,000 in sales in the first 30 days using email. He now has a sustainable database strategy and will continue to increase that asset while offering the right products and services to thee right people via mail and sms.

He's free of the social algorithm! Instead of the 'like, share and tag three friends' campaigns you see trying to build up social followings, Casey proved owning the audience is the way to go. He has total control on when to make offers, he gets nearly 100% deliverability (rather than the 3% to 5% social reach) and also knows what, why, how and where his consumers want to make purchases.

Watch the video to learn how he did it... and why he now has an 'always-on' approach with sweepstakes and personalized emails.


Some charts showing data that showed who was ready to buy a new bow and which bow they currently owned. This helped create personalized emails and offers that drove archers in to make their next purchase.

Casey also could reach out and reward frequent visitors of his brick and mortar shop while offering a surprise and delight incentive discount to get people that had never visited, or hadn't been in the shop for over 6 months. Because he has these contacts in a database he can make those offers to any segment base don any answer, or even groups of answers.

Shoot us an email if you'd like to see how we can help your brand or dealership.

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