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Pure Archery Group: 50% Open Rates, Covid Sales Bump and Personalization Pays Dividends

This blog article was originally posted on Cheetah Digital's Signals20 content series by Jennifer Yeadon. Some stats included in the interview video:

  • Generated $250k from one email campaign using zero-party data

  • Garners 5x engagement rate lift in ad campaigns using zero-party data

  • Sees 50%+ open rates when personalizing subject lines

  • Personalized content in email drives revenue with over 20% click rates

  • Identified 50% market share growth during COVID-19 when collecting ZPD at product registration

  • Have over 20 million unique data points in their CDP

There aren’t many pandemic success stories right now, especially for retailers. But Pure Archery Group, the parent company of outdoor archery brands like Bowtech, Excalibur Crossbow, and Diamond Archery, had a key strategy in their fight against the pandemic — a robust, real-time data strategy.

But before we get to that — it’s important to understand that this data strategy was well in place — and seeing astounding results before 2020. We got to hear all about it from their Director of Marketing Jeff Suiter in the Signals 20 session, Zero-Party Data Win with Pure Archery Group.

Pure Archery Group’s data strategy has been all about the data, but not just for the sake of amassing it. According to Suiter, it’s about the relationship that Pure Archery Group can grow with its customers through it and the resulting conversations, “Data is extremely valuable but it means nothing if we don’t know our customer.”

So what kind of data is Pure Archery Group collecting that differentiates them?

It’s that kind of data — the psychographic data that tells not just the customer’s vital stats, but what they’re interested, which products they’d like to purchase, who they’d purchase those products from, and when they’d like to purchase them. By taking this data and then adding dynamically matching it with an offer inside an email — they’ve managed to score a click-through rate that’s 5-6x higher than industry average.

With a big focus on personalization and ad creative, Pure Archery Group is seeing success throughout their channels. And that brings us to the pandemic.

During the first days of the pandemic, Pure Archery Group knew that their independent dealers would struggle. Most of them depended on in-person engagement for things like test drives, fittings, and more; with mandated store closings, it was up to Suiter and his team to still get customers buying.

In three days, the team had a solution — reserved one-on-one appointments that would let customers and employees safely interact and engage during the pandemic (which also happened during the beginning of hunting season). The team saw customers reserving their slots through an RSVP email campaign immediately.


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