Brand empowers dealer channel to drive database expansion through local events & SMS campaigns.


With 1,000+ independent dealers, Bowtech gave key partners individual SMS & sweepstakes campaigns at scale.  Dealers promoted their own SMS keywords in-store, at local events, tent sales, consumer shows and public outings.


Low cost posters and small handouts were displayed and distributed at events.  The sweepstakes opportunity was matched with a simple call to action; Text To Win A New Bow.

Using dealership names as keywords kept it local for consumers.  Instantly upon texting, an automated reply with html link to entry form was delivered.  A mobile first design allowed entrants to complete the form in as little as 60 seconds.

A reponsive, simple, mobile-friendly experience was embedded on Bowtech's website.


total entries


total views


total that opted in for marketing


mobile numbers shared (optional)

The winner announcement aired on the dealer's social media pages and on Bowtech's livestream page. It earned ___views. 

The Results

Next Level Engagement

 Several months later, Real Deal Outdoors was able to send an email to the sweepstakes database that promoted Bowtech's latest bow model.


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