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Tim Glomb - Founder


Audience Sherpa is an idea formed from the many experiences had by founder Tim Glomb.  His story is one of entertainment, engagement and execution across a number of industries. For the past 25 or so years Tim's exploits have had a few common principals that converge today in the form of Audience Sherpa.


Marketing.  Entertainment.  Content.  Strategy.

Below are some short stories that shaped who we are, what we do and why we've embarked on this venture.


Activating an audience has been a constant for Tim. In the 1990's he managed platinum selling music artists and focused on building audiences globally to support tours and albums sales. 

As digital transformed the music landscape in the late nineties, Tim turned to TV producing #1 rated shows such as Viva La Bam for networks like MTV. Amassing a teenage audience led to the fastest selling DVD in MTV's history. No small feat in the pre-Facebook era.

Fast forward through a period in the creative agency world creating branded content for global entities, Tim joined Mark Cuban to rebrand HDNet into AXS TV, the largest independent TV network in N. America. As VP Marketing, Tim was tasked with driving audience development and tune in for the LIVE music network. Using social media, Tim's team delivered some of the highest engagement on live programming across cable TV and built direct to consumer strategies.

In 2014 Scott McNealy (Sun Microsystems) tapped Tim as VP Media and Entertainment at Wayin, a consumer engagement platform. He developed a technology and services solution for global media companies as well as fortune 500 brands. With clients such as Red Bull, CNN, NBC, ESPN, Coke, Twentieth Century Fox as well as Twitter and Facebook, Tim built strategies to develop audience engagement and retention.

In 2016, at the behest of friend and CEO Tom Zelenovic, Tim set sights on digitizing and future-proofing global archery brand Bowtech. As their first Director of Strategy, Tim developed internal programs and established baseline technologies to help Bowtech's 7 brands thrive in a industry locked in decline.  The outdoor industry is still today burdened with legacy revenue model issues, wounded endemic advertising options and a culture of 'good enough' marketing tactics.  Bowtech was able to transcend these industry norms by transforming their sales channel relationships with independent dealers to provide hyper-local support and increased sales. Innovative advertising strategies beat traditional metrics and Bowtech amassed, arguably, the largest engaged consumer database with over 100 potential data points per contact. They enjoy a competitive advantage over their competition and have strengthened relations with dealers, as well as retailers.  Their audience strategy persists today and Bowtech brands are Audience Sherpa's first client.


Just like you and your brand we rely on others to help keep us focused on what matters most.  We have advisors and partners that we lean on to help us leverage our business forward.  These are veterans in their own industries such as outdoors, global brand marketing, technology and finance.  We are constantly looking at the horizon and these individuals help us see opportunity through an array of lenses.  Be certain that we are always moving forward and planning a few steps ahead.

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